Rising up, gratitude and 4 lessons learned during Covid-19.

Welcome to Wake Up Kate Inc’s first official blog.

Whether you're one of our incredible clients and partners whom we’ve had the honour and joy to work with for the past 18 months or friends who’ve known Wake Up Kate for longer, thank you for finding your way to this post.

Much has happened in the past few years, so much, it’s hard to fathom. The biggest change, aside from Covid-19, was our decision to start a strategic and creative marketing agency in February 2019 to work with purpose-driven brands.

A cancer diagnosis in 2012 afforded me a gift. It allowed me to examine life more deeply than ever before and to reinvent it. I had time to contemplate what matters and it paved the way to where our growing team find ourselves today.

At the core of this reinvention was a gut feeling; an urge to grow a business that embraced a new reality. One in which we could be more self aware, present and intentional with doing work that matters.

We recognize that marketing has changed; today it's about sharing stories that connect with people and giving without expectation.

The work that our small but mighty Oakville-based Wake Up Agency, has been doing, in such a short period of time, is having a tremendous and positive impact on our clients’ business and customers. No small feat, especially during a pandemic.

Whether it’s a monthly blog about leadership, a global service project or social and emotional learning; or a digital advertising campaign that promotes re-imagining the future and human goodness; or a large scale signage program that helps students feel less anxious about their new normal, we could not be more fortunate to work on the projects we do.

Did you know many of our partners are trailblazing, courageous female leaders? I mention it because I think this is a big deal. We’re proud to work alongside strong women who have woken up their organizations - and in turn are waking up the world.

To be clear, we wouldn’t be where we are without the incredible mentorship, ideas and courage of everybody in our team, but we’re kinda proud of this fact.

Together, we are rising up.

And we are all stronger.

The experience of Covid-19 has provided profound moments of learning. More than ever, we must keep seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes. And remember that every moment is a new beginning and an opportunity to start again.

To wrap up on the year we want to share a few lessons from 2020.

And we invite you to think about one big take away you have.

It’s much easier to fit in and do what you think others want you to do rather than bring your full self to your work and relationships. If you're not bringing your full self, you’re not tapping into your true potential. To do great work that matters, embrace your mind, heart and intuition. Our advisory team leader Paula Knight is a great resource for social impact and heart based leadership.

Maybe you’ll disagree, and that’s ok. But we think it’s important to bring awareness to the notion of privilege. And remind ourselves, now more than ever, what a privilege it is to do the work we do, to have our health, to have friends and to have family. Even the most ordinary thing, can be extraordinary if we bring mindful attention to it.

There’s no such thing as work life balance, a keynote talk I gave recently demonstrates why. Today’s new normal means remote workplaces, remote learning and digital communities are a reality. Work and life can’t easily be separated. The key is finding space in each moment, taking short mental breaks, creating breathing spaces, and moving your body often.

This might be the most important lesson from 2020. It’s been a hard year for everyone. We’ve all had to make sacrifices. It’s often been said we are our own worst critics and I’m aware of being harder on myself, and more judging of things I want to do and haven’t. So, when you’re busy judging yourself, try telling yourself that someone else out there is thanking their lucky stars to have you in their life.

Final Thoughts.

What's your one big takeaway from 2020? Ours is to have a little more fun, let go a little bit more and embrace this crazy season of life. Have a look at Dan Pink's video on how to make the perfect pandemic lunch.

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See you soon,

Kate and the Wake Up Kate team.