When you
wake up
your business,
you wake up the world

When you
wake up
your business,
you wake up the world

Marketing is changing

Virtually every product is commoditized and it's more challenging than ever to engage and build value, trust and loyalty with people. Talk to us about how we can bring relevant and purposeful change to your marketing programs.

Get off the script
and break out of
category norms

Our clients, for whom we provide integrated creative marketing, bring us on board as outsourced marketers from whom they gain:

Purposeful Brands

Brands that stand for something bigger than the products and services they sell

Personalized Marketing

Differentiated ideas that increase engagement and compel action 

Trusted Advisors

Insight and counsel well beyond tactics and process

If you accept
the moment as is,
magical things happen.

Bringing a mindful approach to your brand and your marketing delivers tangible benefits.

It increases wonder, curiosity and creativity.

It strengthens concentration power and focus.

It builds resilience.

Make sense?

If you’ve gotten to this point without wondering why we’re called Wake Up Kate, you’re unusual. That’s OK. It’s a different name for a marketing firm. 

A few years ago we experienced a life-altering situation. The outcome was to make us intimately aware of the need to treat each day, each moment as a gift. It was our wake up call. It lead Kate to pursue certifications in mindfulness-based stress reduction and infused our team with a powerful motivation to help our clients move forward with purpose. 

Eckhart Tolle


Did you know that the average human attention span is 8 seconds? That’s less than a goldfish.

Andy Sernovitz

With that reality the challenge of being noticed in the marketplace is more daunting than ever. To capture and convert people to your brand you need to employ breakthrough strategy and a fully integrated marketing program. Our toolbox includes talent and capability for all tactics required to ensure that you are both interesting and visible.

“Be interesting
  or be invisible.”

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